WIKIPEDIA stages a black out

     |    Wednesday January 18th, 2012

For the first time in its history, Wikipedia has halted access to the ‘people’s encyclopaedia’. The black out is in protest of two bills circulating in the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate: the “Stop Online Piracy Act” and the “Protect Intellectual Property Act.” Prompting this drastic measure was Wikipedia’s concern 

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Goat Radio

     |    Saturday November 26th, 2011

My favorite radio station NPR offers a lot of great music for listeners (along with excellent news reporting and talk shows). The other morning NPR’s ‘Tiny Desk Concerts’grabbed my ear. It was a live performance of cellist Yo Yo Ma’s newest adventure ‘The Goat Radio Sessions’. The group’s mandolinist, Chris Thile, explained that the term 

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Experimental Panoramic Ball Camera – Toss it in the Air

     |    Friday November 11th, 2011

All you camera freaks out there might like watching the video of the panoramic ball camera developed by researcher Jonas Pfeil and his team at the Technical University in Berlin. The camera is a ball like any other ball, except that 36 fixed-focus 2 megapixel mobile phone camera modules have been inserted into the padding. 

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Berlin Diary – ALIAS

     |    Thursday September 15th, 2011

One of’s translators asked me to look for work by ALIAS. Hmmm. OK. Then, really and truly purely by chance, I ran into a stencil work at Mariannenplatz next to the Bethanien’s new little skateboard set-up. Seems that Kunstraum Kreuzberg will be featuring skater films. Sounds right up our alley! ALIAS – very dramatic. 

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Berlin Diary: What Do You See?

     |    Tuesday September 13th, 2011

There is so much graffiti in Berlin. So many tags, stickers, stenciled and sprayed artworks. Why did I choose this image? First of all the Giacometti-like figures in black caught my attention. Just a few lines build these evocative figures. What are they looking at – and why are they doing it in tandem? The 

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