Dueling Music Videos: RM486 vs. Übermorgen

     |    Sunday September 27th, 2015  |     3

Perusing Social Media this weekend yielded two clips for electronica acts that deal with identity, gender and the pleasure of mise-en-scène. Rose McGowan, actress (“Grindhouse: Planet Terror”, “Scream”, “The Doom Generation”) director and vocal critic of gender inequality in Hollywood (bless ‘er), is consolidating the music career she has been pursuing as a sideline with 

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Lucian Busse – Visual Memory and Identity of Berlin Music Scenes

     |    Friday January 9th, 2015

Lucian Busse, who documented the vibrant Chinese punk rock scene as cinematographer (BEIJING BUBBLES) and director (THE JOYSIDE OF EUROPE), is also involved in the visualization of alternative music in his hometown of Berlin. Busse’s documentary BERLINIZED  is a personal remembrance of a underground music, club and art scene based in Mitte which emerged in 

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Claude Lelouch – Musikclip-Pionier

     |    Sunday March 9th, 2014

Music has always been a key ingredient of Golden Palm winner and Oscar nominated French director Claude Lelouch’s stylish, often somewhat unconventional love stories. The “chabadabada” theme from “A Man and a Woman” (1966), composed by longtime collaborator Francis Lai, has become an easy listening earworm. EDITH ET MARCEL (1983) tells the tragic love story 

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R.I.P. Bob Casale, DEVO guitarist and keyboardist

     |    Wednesday February 19th, 2014

Sad news: DEVO’s guitarist and keyboard player Bob Casale has passed away at age 61. DEVO was a band that captured Tapehead’s imagination at an early age. Founded in the anger and desperation ensuing from the National Guard massacre (sorry, can’t find a less loaded word) of Vietnam war protesters on the campus of Kent 

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Musikvideo@Interfilm – Internationales Kurzfilmfestival Berlin

     |    Monday November 11th, 2013

From November 12 to 17, 2013, the 29th Interfilm International Short Film Festival Berlin will present over 500 shorts representing  a variety of recent trends in under 20 (minutes, that is) filmmaking. Classic narrative shorts, experimental works and films with social agendas comprise the program. Various permutations of music and image on screen have traditionally 

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