Operation Filmmaking Part 2: inside Al Jazeera

     |    Thursday May 19th, 2011

Posted by Stephanie Boyd for the New Internationalist blog I have an extra day in Qatar, once the film festival is over. My friends encourage me to visit the desert – where I can ride camels or sand buggies and sleep under the stars – or go scuba-diving, or even catch a short flight to 

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Operation Filmmaking

     |    Wednesday May 11th, 2011

A view of the city of Doha  Posted by Stephanie Boyd It feels like I’ve won the lottery. A documentary I made about Peruvian farmers standing up to US and British-owned mining companies has been selected for the Al Jazeera International Documentary Film Festival in Doha, Qatar. Suddenly I find myself far from my Andean 

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“Make soup from the ice, and bread from stones…

     |    Sunday April 24th, 2011

  … in Chorolque. That’s the location of the film Daughter of Chorolque, which the FDCL sponsors with a film partnership on realeyz.tv. The film tells the story – in fascinating and at times breathtaking images – of the difficult lives of the women who earn their living for themselves and their children in the 

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Calling investors, Mount Quilish to be served …

     |    Saturday April 23rd, 2011

Once a year, stock market investors have their fill of milk and honey – on the annual Investor’s Day. Newmont Mining, the world’s second largest gold mining company on the New York and Toronto stock exchanges, is no exception.On April 7, it was time.

Tambogrande: Remembering Godofredo García Baca

     |    Thursday March 31st, 2011

  Anyone who has watched the realeyz.tv film Tambogrande will remember Godofredo García Baca. He was the 65 year old mango and lemon grower who acted as a voice for the residentsin a small town in northern Peru. He articulated the demands of the people, analyzed the situations they were facing and implemented strategies to 

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