Affiliate Programm


realeyz is an up and coming video on demand platform with a narrow focus on independent films and we are interested in joining you as an affiliate partner. The goal of our platform is to present the vibrant and exciting world of film beyond the narrow constraints of standard mainstream and arthouse. shows young, innovative and exciting films: online premieres, rediscoveries, and 1700+ movies that you won't find anywhere else, including independent documentary, (black) comedy, drama, horror, short films and more.

Our audiences are young, educated, culturally interested, online savvy - and are of course film literate. To help us reach out to new audiences we are interested in affiliate partners who operate film websites that address independent films. Here we would like to stress the word ‘partner’ in the affiliate partnership. We are looking for partner affiliates who will grow with us. We are not looking for mass linking or to join an affiliate pool. Rather, we are interested in relevant partnerships that correspond to our tight focus on independent film, a partnership that will mutually benefit both partners.

We offer the following: we pay for every customer who converts to our subscriptions. If the new customer signs up for the free 30 day trial, we pay €2.50; if the customer gets a yearly plan we pay 6.50€. The total amount will be paid to you after 45 days.

To establish the link between our sites, we'd like to have (a mix of) the following on your site. We are open to suggestions for more ways to connect:

  • Advertising banners in multiple sizes
  • Affiliate links which can be used to generate relevant links in blog posts etc.
  • Offer special deals and campaigns to your readers/customers
  • A film feed with links to each of our films in the catalog

Interested: Please contact us