What if Tesla…

     |    Tuesday, der 27. October 2009

Nikola Tesla lived in an age of decisions. Around 1900, all ingredients of the modern times came into being. Would Tesla’s ideas had been successfully integrated in the to-do scheme of the times, our world would be quite different. Free communication, free sustainable energy production, emmisssion-free electric cars. How radical was Tesla actually?

Imagine an engineer in our times (2009) suggesting all what Tesla envisioned for the future, i.e. today, how radical would this still be? Tesla was ridiculed and neglected, seen as a mad scientist. How people with ideas like Tesla’s are treated in other parts of the world today, follow the cause of Michail Chodorkowskij. It is another time today, another (political) case for sure. But it is the same realm, and we are still far away from clean energy supply.