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     |    Tuesday, der 3. May 2011
May, 1st celebrations in Berlin

 On May 1, 2011 it was once again Labour Day in Germany, a holiday that is celebrated as May Day and also as a call for workers to take action. Many, many people turned up for the traditional myfest in Berlin-Kreuzberg. The myfest is a huge street party centered around Kottbusser Tor, Heinrichplatz and Oranienstrasse.

Along with the party atmosphere, the myfest is also about counteracting the tendency to riots and destruction on Labour Day with the idea: from May Day to MyFest.  And it was successful.

True to the motto: color your world any way you want! the Festsaal Kreuzberg offered electro swing that got people up on their feet to enjoy the perfect weather and dance. Improvised street combos strummed improvised jazz and filled Berlin with color and fun. Lots of people joined in and put on their party glasses.

At such an event, Frans Zimmer is the one person whose attendence is a must! Frans, better known to most people by his stage name, Alle Farben is a Kreuzberg native. With Zimmer spinning disks at the height of the festival, his groovin’ sound made it clear down to the last person, that feathers and confetti on May 1 have a lot more going for them than stones and tear gas.

All in all, the Berlin crowd around Kottbusser Tor got along well. And on this day like this and at a party like this, the message came across loud and clear to anyone who cared to drink it in:

We are many and diverse.  We are  kreuzberg 36… at least for a day.

(m)y thoughts

– simon

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