UTOPIA – nur ein Kinderspiel?UTOPIA – or just a walk in the park?

     |    Tuesday, der 19. March 2013

UTOPIA! Take a look. The word UTOPIA is crafted here from a bunch of plastic sandbox toys. The colorful shapes arranged to form letters. They’re fastened to the side of an old and abandoned train trestle in Görlitzer Park near our offices in Berlin-Kreuzberg. UTOPIA… there you see a yellow shovel in the U. In the O there’s a blue sprinkling can, a plastic tray and a toy boat. The P is especially good with a shiny yellow bowling pin, a basket, and what looks to be a cheese grater on its side. But to anybody living in the area, the word UTOPIA is irrevocably tied to the fact that a well-known squatter’s camp – a so-called ‚Wagenburg‘, a community of people living off the grid in trailers and homemade huts is situated on the land immediately bordering the trestle bridge.

Landschaftbild Görlizer Park - UTOPIA

You also might notice that the ground is still covered with snow! Oh yeah, it’s been cold here. And today in Berlin we had a good 5 inches of new snow fall. Here are some impressions for you of Berlin in Winter, mid-day sun. Utopia or just a walk in the park.

Winter Landscape in Görlitzer Park, Berlin, Germany

This picture of kids riding a sled in the snow down a hill was taken in Görlitzer Park on a sunny 12.12.2012!

Two kids on a sled, riding down a hillin Görlitzer Park, in Berlin- Kreuzberg