Update from WHEN CLOUDS CLEAR Co-Director Danielle Bernstein

     |    Monday, der 24. May 2010

Message from Danielle Bernstein (co-director of WHEN CLOUDS CLEAR)
  “URGENT: Dear Friends–

I just received an email from Carlos Zorrilla from Intag region, Ecuador. He reports the bad news that the nightmare scenario in the struggle against mining is now in play. The Ecuadorian government, which owns the Junin…concessions, is moving forward with plans to develop the mining concession. It appears that a social study of the communities will soon be undertaken with the intention of moving forward with the necessary exploration phase. It also appears that this will be undertaken by a national mining company. We suspect that the nation-state, because of its inexperience and lack of capital, will need to partner with a major transnational mining company, such as Rio Tinto Zinc. We have feared this day for some time now, but were hopeful that it would not arrive for several years. We are now bracing for round three of the fight against mining in Intag. We defeated Mitsubishi, Ascendant Copper, and we know we can win this time too!”