Unavoidable Hiatus

     |    Wednesday, der 31. October 2012

Actually not. With floodwaters rising all along the East Coast and me watching Facebook Monday night as a friend reported the storm in real time from Jersey City until she couldn’t, this would be a very bad time indeed to go after fish.


I have spent the past week in the San Francisco area on a job interview that ultimately went nowhere, bouncing from here to there, seeing the odd friend (and some of my friends really are odd) and reliving the years I spent here through a fog of jet-lag.


This, however, is fuel for my other blog, and will be reported in nauseating detail with pictures there. In terms of what I gathered on this trip that’s useful to this blog, I’m very grateful for social media, both Facebook (for keeping me in touch with my friend back east who, I’m sorry to say, may have lost her beloved car in this storm, as well as alerting me to the sudden and unexpected death of yet another dear friend in Austin), and the Well, whose members came through with some great advice about the job which pretty much parallelled my own decisions, but made it a lot easier to turn down a situation with many tempting aspects to it. I used some high-tech I don’t use in Europe (Siri on my iPhone was intermittently useful, although the technology has a ways to go), and some that I do (Google Maps only let me down once, and got me to a very remote location, to the astonishment of people who were waiting for the „I’m lost“ phone call).


Anyway, no, I’m not going fishing, which is not to say that I’m not going to eat some seafood before returning to my apartment. See you next week.