TV WITH CHEESE – nice idea!

     |    Friday, der 16. August 2013

giraffe graffiti by #tvwithcheese#  billboard  xhiller foto for realeyzThere was something about that billboard that made me look closer. What was that? A giraffe? Is that part of the advertisement or not? What’s that bit there at the bottom „tv with cheese“. Hmmm – gotta whip out the camera and get a pic.

I was on my bike, just going to the park to get some fresh air…and yeah, good graffiti is always like that.  It draws your eye – in spite of the sensory bombardment and over-stimulation on any inner city street. Good urban art somehow – just somehow – manages to cut through the crap and get you to do a double take. Then it shows you something you have never seen before. A very cool bit of paste up graffiti in Kreuzberg.

tvwithcheese billboard graffiti, xhiller foto for realeyz#TvWithCheese# – now this is someone I will definitely be on the lookout for! Nice work.