Tree of Equality Planted in Belzig

     |    Monday, der 8. November 2010
Planting of the "tree of equality"
Planting of the „tree of equality“

 The first tree of equality to be planted by African migrants in the German state of Brandenburg witnessed the appointment of three African traditional chiefs for the migrants.

It was Friday the 29th of October 2010 in the city of Bad Belzig that the migrants gathered and planted the Ginkgo tree where the three traditional chiefs were coronated by placing on their heads the leaves from the tree of equality as symbols of their new titles. By decorating you with these leaves in the name of Africa you are from today one of our respected chiefs, Proclaimed to the crowd Obiri Mokini as he decorated the new chiefs one after the other.

In his speech he described the three chiefs as people who have been spending their times and energy for the progress of Africa by initiating different projects that benefit African migrants in Germany and assist in their integration.

The organisers described the action to plant a tree of equality in Belzig as aiming towards the promotion of African culture and assisting the efforts of integration and as response to the hospitality the migrants enjoy in the city of Bad Belzig

The new tree chiefs include Chief Marianne Balle Modounbou, PAWLO e.V. chief Ramona Stucki the owner of Infocafe, a popular integration meeting point for migrants. The third person to be decorated was chief Kees Berkouwer co-finder of Echo Camerun e.V.

The event which was supervised by the Initiative for the protection of African Cultures was witnessed by the Mayor of the city of Bad Belzig Ms. Hannelore Klabunde and Professor Karin Weiss, the commissioner of integration in the state of Brandenburg.

Prayer was offered at the event by the priests of Catholic Church, The Priest of Evangelic church and the Muslim community in Belzig