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     |    Friday, der 30. April 2010


[, text: Sarafina DiFelice] “The story of how Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff rose to power and subsequently fell from grace is fascinating enough as a study in the disruptive power of money and how it so effortlessly undermines the American democratic process. But by plucking out the scandalous events surrounding Abramoff, including million-dollar swindle schemes, mob-style murder, and trips to the Marianas Islands to interfere with international labour laws, this spy-like drama is almost too bizarre to be believed. With careful structuring of the fantastic material, Oscar-winning director Alex Gibney navigates us through the political circus while Abramoff drives a clown car of offences. Watching in disbelief as the crimes spill out could be funny if the stakes were a little less high. –