The Swimming Pool atop the Spree: Badeschiff Berlin

     |    Thursday, der 18. July 2013

view at dusk of the badeschiff berlin photo by xhillerDid you know that Berlin has a swimming pool that floats atop the Spree River? In the early 1900’s, the Spree River used to be full of this type freshwater swimming pool known as swimming ships . Today, the ‚Badeschiff‘  bordering Kreuzberg is the only  swimming pool currently floating on the Spree  in Berlin. It is probably the most well-known swimming ship anywhere.

Berlin artist Susanne Lorenz, who studied in Braunschweig and at the Berlin University for the Arts, conceived this unique city project and carried it out together with the Spanish architects AMP (Artengo-Menis-Pastrana) in cooperation with architect Gil Wilk.

This is the perfect type of art project! It attracts fun-loving people of all ages and is beautiful to look from a distance and up close, AND it promotes healthy activity out in the sun. The Badeschiff Berlin is a stroke of genius!

The ship is open in the summer everyday from 8:00 am nd it costs 5 EUR to get in, but if you go late in the evening, it’ll cost you only 2 EUR.

In the winter, the swimming ship becomes a swimming sauna! Surely a first anywhere in Germany. Maybe the world?