The Second Conquest

     |    Tuesday, der 14. September 2010

Free trade agreements? Who cares? How boring can you get. Yeah well… this ain’t boring. The free trade agreement between the European Union, Columbia and Peru makes for suspenseful reading. Adhesion contracts that have precious little to do with free trade. What would you need fat law books for if you really did promote free trade?

FDCL’s new 30 page publication offers a compact overview of the background to the free trade agreement and about the human rights situation in Columbia and Peru. It also critically analyzes the treaty draft that was recently made available to the public. The free trade agreement profits above all European firms that either trade with or do business in both Andean countries. The publication reports of the activities of European companies in Columbia and Peru as well as their involvement in human rights violations, especially as regards the extractive economic branches: agriculture, mining, and energy.