The German TV show “Das Dschungelcamp 2011″

     |    Sunday, der 30. January 2011

The television show « Das Dschungelcamp» has been existing on the German TV station RTL for several years already. I had never watched it during the past years because I didn’t think that it could possibly interest me. This year, I started watching by accident and I must admit that I have liked this show somehow. Candidates had to live in a pseudo Australian jungle for 2 weeks and pass the so called «jungle tests». These series of tests were quite disguting to watch involving lots of insects and snakes that do not particularly appeal to me! What I rather liked was to observe how the contestants interracted with one another over time. Today was the final day of the show and it made me happy that Peer Kusmagk who comes from my home quarter of Kreuzberg 36 (he is the restaurant owner of the Kreuzberg restaurant «La Raclette») was nominated «King of the Jungle»! Maybe Kreuzberg will become even more popular thanks to this nomination!

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