The “Gebetomat”

     |    Sunday, der 6. February 2011
The "Prayers' vending machine" in Berlin
The „Prayers‘ vending machine“ in Berlin

 I have just discovered the «Gebetomat» vending machine. The idea for this machine is odd but also interesting! It can recite 300 prayers in 64 different languages and was invented by the artist Oliver Sturm. There are nine such «Gebetomaten» in Germany; most of them are in Berlin and one is located at the «Arminius» market hall in Berlin-Tiergarten. These machines work like a photo booth or a vending machine. One inserts some money and can choose to listen to one or several prayers. This original idea goes well with Berlin. I have also heard that a vending machine selling bars of gold exists here too. I will try to address this subject in another blog article!

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