The Filmmakers of TAMBOGRANDE

     |    Friday, der 6. November 2009

Ernesto Cabellos and Stephanie Boyd

Ernesto Cabellos


When Ernesto and a handful of aspiring young Peruvians founded the Production Company Guarango 13 years ago, Ernesto paid the bills by moonlighting as a taxidriver in Lima’s traffic-choked streets. Under the tutelage of award-winning Swiss filmmaker Stefan Kaspar, Ernesto began producing film and video shorts with Guarango.

Ernesto has produced short documentaries for BBC World, TVE, WDR, WETV Canada and Peruvian television. Along the way he hasadded camera, edition and direction to his professional repertoire and he is now president of Guarango.

In 2002 Ernesto had his directorial debut with, a feature length documentary that he also produced, filmed and edited with Stephanie Boyd. The film won five international awards and has been broadcast on the Sundance Channel, CBC Country Canada and Peruvian and Argentine national television.

Ernesto is 39 years-old and lives in his native Peru.

Stephanie Boyd


Stephanie was born and raised in Canada and has spent the last 9 years living and working as a writer and filmmaker in Peru. Her first filmmaking experience was co-directing the award-winning documentary “Choropampa, The Price of Gold” with Ernesto Cabellos.

Before coming to Peru, Stephanie lived in Nairobi, Kenya and wrote articles for the newspaper on human rights issues in Tanzania, Somalia, Sudan, Uganda and Kenya. During her early years in Peru she worked as a freelance journalist, publishing articles in various alternative publications, like magazine and, and reporting for and the.

In 2000 she joined Guarango to produce and became so obsessed with filmmaking she refused to leave.

She is 34 years old.