The end of the 60 W light bulb

     |    Thursday, der 1. September 2011

Some people might disagree with me, but I regret that the 60 W light bulb has disappeared for good from German stores, yesterday. The light given by the new kind of light bulbs is not very nice in my opinion and I dislike the fact that dangerous mercury escapes from them, should they break. On top of that, the initial purchase of this new type of light bulbs is much more expensive than it is the case for the incandescent ones.

It should be up to each consumer to decide which light bulb she/he wishes to purchase and which personal steps she/he wishes to take in order to help the environment. I would prefer to continue buying a mix of both types of light bulbs in the future.

I am probably going to make a life long stock of 25 Watt light bulbs until next September as these ones will be next to disappear during that time together with the 40 Watt ones.

Sure, some energy spending will be cut thanks to this ban, but I cannot imagine that the light bulb issue will make that big of a difference on the environment that it is worth taking such authoritarian steps. To me, it seems like there is a lobby hidden behind these new light bulbs.


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