Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Hailed by MoMA, Banned in Germany

     |    Tuesday, der 17. August 2010


Tobe Hooper’s debut, the 1974 post-Watergate and Vietnam nightmare classic TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, is to this day an acclaimed, sometimes misunderstood and in some countries still banned film.

Since 1985, the film has been effectively banned in Germany, first placed on the index of Youth Endangering Media, then outright banned. Before that, the film enjoyed a successful theatrical run.

25 years later, the ratings board FSK would likely classify the film “suitable for 16 years and older” and the Youth Protection Board would strike it from the index. Yet the film remains banned because it has been in legal limbo since its confiscation.

Civil rights organisation the Humanist Union, Turbine Medien (the film’s German DVD distributor), the Berlin arthouse cinema Filmkunst 66, human rights film festival One World Berlin and realeyz.tv hope to pave the way for a new, objective discussion about the film and get the case reopened by presenting the uncut version on

Saturday, September 4, 10:30 p.m.

at Filmkunst 66 | Bleibtreustrasse 12 | www.filmkunst66.de

Afterwards, there will be a discussion with

Dr. Stefan Höltgen (Media studies scholar, F.LM – Texte zum Film)


René Bahns (Assistant Professor, Law Faculty, Humboldt-Universität; Dissertation about “Films on the Index”)

about the film historical and social significance of TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and the effects of German censorship policy on the arts.