|    Monday, der 13. July 2009

In a Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin article on July 10, 2009, writer George Diez points out a few scathing facts while comparing a Tesla to the top CO2-spewer in consumer cars: the Porsche…

“Who’s passing whom? And who’s eating whose dust? The eco-front runner Tesla is more attractive than any petrol monster”.

Owning a Tesla motor proves to the world that you have oodles of dough, without actively destroying the environment in the process.

But hey, the German automobile industry isn’t idling in the start box either. They make up interesting new names like EfficientDynamics, BlueMotion and BlueEFFICIENCY – and keep building 2 tonne ATVs for people who desperately need them for inner-city window shopping: a BMW SUV “X3 xDrive25i”, for example, spews out 233 g/km CO2.

Cayenne Turbo S reaches 358 g/km. The Mercedes climbs the CO2 scale with its brag mobiles G, GL, GLK class to reach a dizzying 378 g/km (G 55 AMG).