Tapehead: U.S. Election Special

     |    Saturday, der 30. October 2010


Thanks to the wonders of the internet, the scanner and the PDF, Tapehead will not have to spend high double digit dough to still cast a ballot in the upcoming U.S. midterm elections on Nov. 2 after the absentee ballot wasn’t sent.

So does Tapehead’s or anybody else’s vote really count?

Here are three music clip statements about elections.

1. Madonna – Rock the Vote PSA for MTV

Madonna fixation exorcised herewith, promised!

In 1990, at the height of her cultural influence, Madonna did this spot for MTV’s young voter drive during the mid-term elections. A few years later, ever eluding consistency, Madonna cavalierly remarked that she didn’t vote.

2. Rage Against the Machine – Testify

Directed By Michael Moore

Heavyweight activist rock band teams up with heavyweight political documentary filmmaker to comment on the choice (or lack thereof) in the seminal 2000 presidential election. By the end of the year, the debate had shifted to fundamental issues of voting rights.

3. The Clash – Know Your Rights

The song says it all.