Tapehead – End of the Decade, Part 1

     |    Thursday, der 23. December 2010


Happy Holidays! And here’s something to do if you end up booting the computer: online clip viewing suggestions for those who are tired of YouTube (and in some countries, can’t even watch videos on it because the labels or royalty collection agencies have blocked them) and find the sheer amount on Dailymotion or Vimeo daunting.


Berlin-based start up and leading German commercial online clip channel. Financed by (unobtrusive) advertising and currently available in Germany only. Tape.tv’s secret? Good image quality, large (though not comprehensive) selection, and nice personalising features inspired by Last.fm – you can love and ban videos, select genres and moods. The killer app, though, is the mixtape function – create a playlist of up to 10 clips and share it with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Email and unique URLs. Here is Tapehead’s mixtape with a random selection of clips she found significant and/or enjoyable during the past decade. (The selection is somewhat skewered in favor of narrative clips by white male alt.rockacts, because lots of clips by electronic artists using abstract animation are not in Tape.tv’s catalogue. Michel Gondry’s work for The White Stripes and his latest for Björk are also strangely absent.)

Blank TV

Ok, they use an embedded YouTube player, but Blank TV offers a comprehensive selection of punk videos old and new. Also video interviews, blog and comics.


The leading online music mag’s staff compiled a list of 100 awesome videos that gives a crash course in the artform’s history. Pitchfork also features noteworthy new clips in a variety of genres.


The forward-thinking Berlin-based “magazine for electronic life aspects” not only covers electronic music (sounds and the gadgets that produce them), cinema, games and the social, political and technical ramifications of online and digital developments. It also has a very informative music clip blog that features latest videos and also exclusive material by mostly electronica, but also avant rock, hip hop, jazz and indie artists that embody the magazine’s aesthetic and philosophy.

And here, one of Tapehead’s favorite 10 clips of the decade: