Shaven Gods – Collective Art Project Featuring Mario Mentrup

     |    Sunday, der 6. February 2011

Shaven Gods is a Berlin-based  rhizomatic collective art project exploring social reality, utopias and myths through a variety of media: song and music, drawing, painting, photography, performance, film, music video and other articulations of creativity. Inaugurated in November 2010 and having celebrated their first group exhibition in February of this year, Shaven Gods are leaving traces everywhere.

The backstory is something about a large part of Europe’s inhabitants having gone nudist because of global warming. While most nudistslive chaste and demure lives, the sub-group Ropists cause trouble with their high intelligence and aggression level.

Below is collaborator Rebecca Bach’s music video for Pasadena Projekt’s (the Shaven Gods house band if you will) song Refugium.


Gods house band if you will) song Refugium.