Roberto Blanco and Heavy Metal Band “Sodom”

     |    Sunday, der 27. February 2011

Picture: Shadowgate on Flickr


Today, I actually wanted to write about the picture exhibition «Berliner Luft» that took place in Berlin until yesterday evening. Unfortunately, the doors were closed when I went there during opening hours, so I am not going to be able to write about it. I could see the pictures a little bit from the outside. They didn’t seem very interesting, so I am not sure that there would have been much to tell anyway.

Instead of reporting about this exposition, here is a video about a very different subject: a video of old fashioned German singer Roberto Blanco singing on February, 20th 2011 at a concert of «Sodom», a heavy metal band. This event was organized by the «Deutsche Alzheimer Gesellschaft e. V.» in order to raise awareness about the Alzheimer disease. The concert guests didn’t know about the presence of Roberto Blanco on stage. As heavy metal fans, they couldn’t figure out what this rather old fashion German singer was doing there. A voice-over said to the public: «Did you confuse places? This is normal for 1,2 Million people in Germany. They suffer from dementia. Let’s not forget them!» Here is this funny video about a serious subject!

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