’s first film partner – Society for Threatened Peoples

     |    Thursday, der 11. February 2010 is happy to announce its cooperation with the GfbV, The Society for Threatened Peoples-International. The GfbV is the film partner for our documentary SWITCH OFF! – APAGA Y VÁMONOS . Starting today, you can read regular blog articles with background information, news, and commentary posted by the GfbV.

The Society for Threatened Peoples International  (GfbV) is a human rights organization who for the past 40 years, has fought for the rights of threatened peoples, persecuted minorities, and indigenous communities world wide. The GfbV are advisors to the UN, and a participating organization at The Council of Europe. Their work with these institutions, as well as their media campaigns and public relations work, fights persecution, discrimination, and threats on behalf of those who otherwise may go unheard. The Mapuche, the “heroes” of the film “Switch Off!”, have long suffered oppression and displacement. The industrial exploitation of Mapuche territories has been catastrophic for their communities.  This documentary bears vivid witness their struggles.