blog in the Berlin Newspaper “Der Tagespiegel”

     |    Saturday, der 11. June 2011

The blog scored a mention in one of Berlin’s most well-known daily newspapers: Der Tagespiegel.  xhiller’s tongue in cheek Berlin Diary post  What’s in a Sign was quoted verbatim in an article written by Nana Heymann about dogs in Berlin (and what they leave behind on the city’s sidewalks and by-ways):  “Überall Hundehaufen: Berlin-Besucher, pass auf, wo du hintrittst!”

It’s nice to know that we’re being read. Cheers.

So far the Tagespiegel article has prompted 45 comments from readers. The comment that got my attention was the same old, same old argument that Berlin – Poor but Sexy .  Is there possibly anything at all sexy about dog turds? The quote from author Thomas Stechert, which closes Nana Heymann’s interesting article, gives some answers to that question.