Ralf Regitz – Techno Pioneer – Dies at Age 46

     |    Tuesday, der 25. January 2011


Ralf Regitz, one of the founding fathers of Berlin’s techno club scene and driving force behind the love parade from day 1 died at age 46. I shared some time with him in the 80s drifting in and out of Fischlabor and other places of the late Westberlin. Our paths crossed very sporadically only after those wild days but a recognizing nod stayed on as our way of communication whenever we’d meet. Feeling saddened by his sudden and unexpected passing away I decided to google for some elements of joint past to find some solace – and may be clues to what might have happened, or I might have missed.

Randomly browsing the google image search I came across a site called ‘The Lake Clinic Cambodia‘, “a project dedicated to bringing basic healthcare, as well as disease surveillance and proper medical referrals to a severely isolated and underserved region of Cambodia — the Tonle Sap.” And – listed with photo and cv there was Ralf, part of the team and their board of advisors.

So, without knowing Ralf too well, one might agree to say that we all are deep and complex human beings, with only a fraction of what we are being visible for everyone else to see. I liked Ralf I must say, he was a bright and cool and likeable ‘kid’ when I met him, and he stayed on to be a fighter for what he believed was just and right. There might be this and that said or written about him in the next couple of days, but it’s people like him who get things going, whose energy is both contagious and irritating. And, who have sides to them we cannot and should not know, but which in essence show they’re good people.

Rest in peace, Ralf.