Possible trajectory of radioactive clouds

     |    Tuesday, der 15. March 2011

Here is a very interesting video (sorry, it’s a bit long) about a forecast of how eventual radioactive clouds from Japan might travel in the air according to the jet stream. Personally, I have doubts that radiation will not travel to other parts of the world and will only affect a limited area in Japan. Of course, the risk depends on how big radiation levels are and I don’t know what people should do in places where eventual clouds are travelling to. The man in the video says that one should leave the area for a while (he will travel to Florida in the next days). My attempt to find a solution would be staying indoors and keeping windows shut on the day it is known (if it is ever known) that a cloud travels to where I live. I have no idea if these clouds could come all the way to Berlin! Of course, one can also wonder if food is not going to be affected if radioactive particles fall on fruits and vegetables. This would be an unknown long term effect. This is a real terrible subject and one feels powerless about it. I really hope that this is a warning sign for politicians around the world, so that they review the use of nuclear power.


Photo credit opening illustration:copyright Simon Zinkunow https://www.flickr.com/photos/bluesmuse/

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