Poor Germany: More Late Roman Decadence

     |    Monday, der 27. September 2010

The German government plans to raise benefits for the longterm unemployed from € 359 to € 361, an increase of 5 EUR. Young children currently receive € 215 , those aged 6-13 get € 251 and those from 14-17 receive € 287. Of this amount € 128,46 is allotted for food, which comes to about 4.20 per day. The amount of mineral water for the month (12 liters) included. Health experts advise us to eat fruit and vegetables (too expensive) and to drink 2-3 liters of water a day, or 60-90 liters a month.  Health? Forget it!

Political speak reasoning: “… there must be an incentive to work again.”

What work? The unemployed number 6 million. How many jobs are available? One can look at it this way: being unemployed must be so brutally unacceptable that people take even the lowest paying jobs and the the poorest working conditions to avoid the worst. Minimum wage-type jobs are booming in Germany.

Keep in mind: of the 15 members of the welfare committee in Germany, 8 were representatives from business and the executive board of private enterprise, managers of large multi-nationals such as Mercedes, Deutsche Bank, BASF, Volkswagen, and the General Secretary of the German Skilled Crafts Association. (Zentralverbandes des Deutschen Handwerks), as well as business consultants and downsizing specialists. Those are companies who help decide which employees can be let go.