Police meet Refugees in Bad Belzig

     |    Monday, der 27. September 2010

Police meet Refugees in Bad Belzig


On 16th September a diverse group of people met for a dialogue about discimination and to start the formation of a network on the topic. Both asylum seekers from Africa and migrants from East-Europe, members of migration organisations and representatives from local and federal governmental bodies sat together and discussed measures, the broad range of participants being a first success to this event.

The police came as well, this time not in their role as criminal prosecutors but as participants and observants of this dialogue. At least one group of participants obviously did not expect this role of the police. Spotting the officers the group left the site immediately, not aware that the law of restriction to their local government base has been removed. Many other refugees still are not aware of the removal of this law. This misunderstanding was one of the very few downsides of the event.

Brandenburgs Minister of Social Affairs, Work, Women and Family Gunter Baaske pointed out the importance of migrants for the economy in his speach, whereas Obiri Mokini, chairman of cagintua e.V. presented the idea to plant a Tree of Equality in Bad Belzig.

One of the representatives of the police expressed the wish for cooperation in the future, being a possible follow-up to the event. A meeting of a representative of the cagintua board in the local police station is underway. The participants met in two workshops. bp.