Photojournalist and Filmmaker Tim Hetherington Killed in Rocket Powered Grenade (R.P.G.) Attack in Libya

     |    Thursday, der 21. April 2011  |     3

 US-British photographer and filmmaker Tim Hetherington was killed in the course of an R.P.G. (rocket powered grenade) attack by Libyan government forces in Misrata/Libya on April 20. Chris Hondros of the Getty agency also died of wounds gained during the same attack. Guy Martin of the Panos Agency and freelancer Michael Brown were also hurt.

Hetherington covered many crisis regions as a photographer. His Vanity Fair photo reportage of US troop deployment in the Korengal Valley in Afghanistan was named World Press Photo of the Year in 2007. Together with author Sebastian Junger, Hetherington revisited the Valley in the Academy Award nominated documentary RESTREPO (screened at One World Berlin 2010). Hetherington was cinematographer on the documentaries LIBERIA: AN UNCIVIL WAR (2004) and THE DEVIL CAME ON HORSEBACK (2007) which deals with the genocide in Darfur.

We extend our condolences to Tim Hetherington’s friends, family and colleagues.