Pedal Power

     |    Saturday, der 30. July 2011

Danielle Bernstein, co-director of WHEN CLOUDS CLEAR, is involved in another project that uses culture to promote environmental awareness, here in a very concrete and direct way.

Pedal Power NYC is an organization dedicated to capturing and repurposing human power with bicycles. Founded by Ariel Agai in 2011, Pedal Power NYC helps to imagine new possibilities for energy use and celebrates Sustainability, Creativity and Human Energy. Pedal Power provides the bicycles and crew, you provide the Natural Ass!

Since it’s preferable to power the stage with natural ass than natural gas and other fossil fuels, Pedal Power has developed a live human-powered system that does just that without sacrificing professional sound quality.

Clear Films has covered the first Pedal Powered concert of its size in NY if not US history! The Water Festival took place on June 26 in New York City and featured performers such as Masa, Robert Granta, Gordon Voidwell and Vanessa Bley.

Check out this clip shot over the first week of Natural Ass Powered Rehearsals in June 2011.