Why Walk, When You Can Fly – The Boy Who Flies

     |    Tuesday, der 5. November 2013

Some people believe that the meaning of life is simply life itself, and that what really matters, is living it as comfortably as possible. But others, like Benjamin and Godfrey, are not the kind of people who just take life in stride. They live with passion, nourish their souls with dreams, and fight for what they believe in. Nobody said it would be easy, and they know that for certain, but their unbeatable spirit never allows them to give up on anything they do.

These are the heroes of the documentary THE BOY WHO FLIES, filmed and directed by Benjamin Jordan himself. Benjamin is a Canadian paraglider who decides to fulfill his new dream; traveling to Malawi to teach children how to fly kites. There he meets Godfrey Masauli, a passionate young man who has always dreamed of flying like a bird. With a camera tied to a stick, they ride their bicycles together to the highest peak in the country, where Godfrey will set off on his flight. After weeks of ground training, lots of suffering, and many moments in which the only solution seemed giving up, Godfrey will finally become the first Malawian paraglider pilot. Along with the story itself, , the technical composition of the film is also extraordinary; showing a colorful Malawi set to the rhythm of vibrating African music.

I believe that best films are those with outstanding dialogue and characters rather than just an exciting storyline. But, in this case, Benjamin and Godfrey do exist and both they and their story couldn’t be more real.

Clara Rodríguez A.