Dreamcatcher by Kim Longinotto

| Tuesday, der 24. November 2015| 8

A car glides through the light-drenched city streets of Chicago; together with an almost subliminal electronic score the twinkling headlights and street lamps create a woozily hyperreal atmosphere, like the state of heightened awareness between waking and dreaming. This introduction to “Dreamcatcher”, the latest documentary by veteran filmmaker Kim Longinotto, sets the stage for a 

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Bright Blue Gorilla: Now Crowdfunding!

| Wednesday, der 18. November 2015| 9

As the nights grow longer and the temperatures are finally beginning to drop, globetrotting minstrel-moviemakers Bright Blue Gorilla have settled in the cozy Prenzlauer Berg indoors for postproduction of opus no. 6, „Mr. Rudolpho’s Jubilee“. Summer saw shooting Tuscany and Milan as well as in our fair city (realeyz reported). To edit, colorgrade and polish 

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25th Cottbus Film Festival

| Thursday, der 5. November 2015| 5

Until Sunday, November 8th, the city of Cottbus is at the center of the (not only) Eastern European film world with the 25th Cottbus Film Festival. The city in southeastern Brandenburg’s Lausitz region, near the German-Polish border and situated in an area populated by the Slavic Sorb minority, is a geographically and culturally ideal location 

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ART GIRLS Now Online!

| Friday, der 30. October 2015| 6

After a nomadic existence in cinema screenings around Germany, ART GIRLS go domestic – as of today, the film is available on DVD through realeyz’s partner good!movies and as VOD on realeyz. To get into the mood, watch the teaser here: And here’s an in-depth conversation between director Robert Bramkamp and film critic Georg Seeßlen 

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Schlingensief 55

| Saturday, der 24. October 2015| 10

Over five years ago, on August 21, 2015, pathbreaking film and theater director Christoph Schlingensief died of cancer. His controversial work had evolved steadily over 30 years. Schlingensief first became known with a film practice that strived to create Germany’s own „cinema of trangression“, not by emulating the mid-80s New York ’school‘ of the same 

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