Berlinale Blog – Hiding In Plain Site: Chavela

| Friday, der 10. February 2017

By Andrew Horn Catherine Gund and Daresha Kyi’s documentary, “Chavela” begins and ends with the words, “My name is Chavela Vargas and don’t forget it.” Known in her day as “The Rough Voice of Tenderness”, she was born Isabel Vargas Lizano in Costa Rica and as told by the filmmakers, she “ran away to Mexico 

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Berlinale Blog – Casting JonBenet: A Film About… Us

| Thursday, der 9. February 2017

By Andrew Horn I once read a very interesting definition of kitsch. It said, “you see a beautiful child and you shed a tear because you are so moved by it’s beauty. But when you shed a second tear because you are moved by the fact that you were moved – that’s kitsch.” If there 

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Berlinale Blog: These are the Voyages of the Starship… Ikarie XB-1

| Monday, der 6. February 2017

By Andrew Horn We here in the West might think that the genre of Socialist science fiction, with perhaps the notable exception of “Solaris”, is largely unknown. Yet without our knowing it, it was secretly infiltrating our drive-ins, grind houses and VHS tapes, albeit in somewhat revised forms, often courtesy of Roger Corman – realeyz 

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