Berlinale Blog – More Songs About Buildings (But No Food)

| Friday, der 17. February 2017

By Andrew Horn For some years now, filmmaker Heinz Emigholz has been making a series of films on various architects by visiting and documenting their works, whether houses, commercial buildings or public spaces. He presents the buildings in chronological order and shoots them from multiple interior and exterior views. The sequences are silent, except for 

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Berlinale Blog – Buddhist Noir: Honeygiver Among the Dogs

| Thursday, der 16. February 2017

By Andrew Horn What caught my attention about Dechen Roder’s detective film, “Honeygiver Among The Dogs” (Bhutan 2017) was that it was described as “Buddhist noir”. But is this some real thing, or just some pressbook buzzword? Thinking about it, the phrase made me think of some kind of trippy concept out of early Firesign 

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Berlinale Blog – From Switchblade to Kitchen Knife: Tim Raue

| Wednesday, der 15. February 2017

By Andrew Horn For purposes of complete disclosure, I am not so interested in haute cuisine. A) I just can’t afford it and b) I don’t understand the “importance” just as I don’t understand the urgency that some people have about fashion. But that’s just me and for purposes of even more disclosure I did 

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Berlinale Blog – Casting Petra von Kant

| Saturday, der 11. February 2017

By Andrew Horn Just as Jimi Hendrix can claim the honor of having released way more albums dead than alive, this year’s Berlinale seems to be a veritable bonanza for the late R.W. Fassbinder. We have his “Acht Stunden sind ein Tag” (8 Hours Don’t Make A Day) in Berlinale Special, “Welt am Draht” (World 

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