ACHTUNG BERLIN 2017 Blog: 1917 – Der wahre Oktober

    |    Monday, der 24. April 2017

„The personal stories bring it all home.“ When my son was little, he got it into his head that I was a communist and took great delight in going around saying so. Of course times had changed since I was a kid. Back then, I also took some great delight in bringing a few of 

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ACHTUNG BERLIN 2017 Blog: Dil Leyla

    |    Sunday, der 23. April 2017

„We celebrate and morn at the same time.“ Given recent events in Turkey, DIL LEYLA Asli Özarslan’s debut film, appears at a very significant time. I had never heard of it’s subject, Leyla Imret, and in fact all of the Google hits for her were in Turkish, but from her history, it’s pretty easy to 

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ACHTUNG BERLIN 2017 Blog: Rakete Perelman

    |    Friday, der 21. April 2017

RAKETE PERELMAN the title of Oliver Aluukas’ debut feature film, takes its name from a fictional artist collective out in the countryside of Brandenburg. We meet them through the character of Jen, a young rebellious woman who, fed up with the bitchy attitude of her job in the fashion industry, sets fire to this year’s 

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No Place to Hide in Tarlabaşı

    |    Thursday, der 16. March 2017

„Tarlabaşı ist ein Ort zum Abtauchen. Bald gibt es keine Orte zum Abtauchen mehr.“ Der Film TARLABASI UND ICH beschreibt das gleichnamige Stadtviertel Istanbuls nur wenige Gehminuten von Taksim und Gezi Park entfernt, das für kulturelle Vielfalt und dissidente Politik steht – und so ins Fadenkreuz aktueller und auf Homogenisierung ausgerichteter türkischer Politik geraten musste. 

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Berlinale Blog – Streetscapes, Dialogues

    |    Wednesday, der 22. February 2017

By Andrew Horn Artistic block is a terrible thing. I’ve experienced it and I know others who have, though maybe a lot of people don’t like to admit to it. I know I don’t. Heinz Emigholz in his film “Streetscapes [Dialogue]” (Germany 2015-2017) not only admits it but offers a look at the process of 

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