It´s not a trick- it´s a Corman!

| Monday, der 4. April 2016| 48

Am 5.4.2016 feiert der legendäre Regisseur, Drehbuchautor und Produzent Roger Corman seinen 90. Geburtstag. realeyz wünscht alles Gute! Regisseur Roger Corman und sein Drehbuchautor Charles B. Griffith haben das Drehbuch zu THE LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS– jetzt zu sehen auf angeblich an einem einzigen Abend geschrieben. Die Kulissen standen schon und kosteten nichts, seine 

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Adam…Ken Adam – Licensed to Build

| Friday, der 11. March 2016| 13

In memoriam Ken Adam – first published on June 7, 2012. By Andrew Horn This was an interview I did a few years ago for an article that was much too short to take advantage of the material. Ken Adam is a production designer responsible for the early James Bond films (into the Roger Moore 

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MÜLLER ECKE AFRIKA – Reallife Tales from the ‚Hood

| Friday, der 8. January 2016| 9

Sometimes the best stories are right outside your door. Filmmaker Martin Helmbrecht, based in Berlin’s working class Wedding district, took this to heart with the three-part  documentary series MÜLLER ECKE AFRIKA (Müller Corner Africa, available with English subtitles on realeyz) he conceived and co-directed with Andy Fiebert. Each episode of MÜLLER ECKE AFRIKA portrays an  

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Berlin Art Film Festival – Take 2

| Friday, der 4. December 2015| 12

The second edition of the Berlin Art Film Festival cheerfully disregards the tyranny of the premiere to assemble a selection of works old and new on “poetry, politics and porn“, as the festival motto boldly proclaims. The program not so much dissects the hot button topics of the day – although that function is certainly 

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Drama Queen: Kerstin Cmelka Presents Her Media Art Series „Mikrodramen“ at Berlin’s Lichtblick Cinema

| Friday, der 27. November 2015| 5

While artist-filmmaker Kerstin Cmelka is prepping her latest opus „Animals“ (featuring her partner in crime, the Berlin-based Renaissance man Mario Mentrup), Cmelka will provide a rare opportunity to see her multimedia series “Mikrodramen“ on Saturday, November 28, 20:15 at the Lichtblick cinema in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg district. “Mikrodramen” is an ongoing collection of live and 

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