|    Tuesday, der 8. September 2009

Check out what Dietmar Post and Lucía Palacios – the duo responsible for the acclaimed music doc MONKS – THE TRANSATLANTIC FEEDBACK – have just released: KLANGBAD: AVANT-GARDE IN THE MEADOWS(GER/SP/USA – 85 min – 2009) The Klangbad festival is Germany’s premiere live event for adventurous ears. Acts who have performed their include Kammerflimmer Kollektief 

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     |    Monday, der 20. July 2009

Did Britain’s permissive society start with swinging London? This exciting new account of 1950s London challenges the sexual myth of the 1960s, arguing that its roots lay further back in the city’s dramatic cultures of austerity and affluence that marked the post-war years. A series of spectacular scandals profoundly disturbed London life during the 1950s 

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     |    Monday, der 13. July 2009

In a Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin article on July 10, 2009, writer George Diez points out a few scathing facts while comparing a Tesla to the top CO2-spewer in consumer cars: the Porsche… “Who’s passing whom? And who’s eating whose dust? The eco-front runner Tesla is more attractive than any petrol monster”. Owning a Tesla motor 

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About Kim Longinotto

     |    Friday, der 26. June 2009

Kim Longinotto’s films have won countless awards and have been shown at major film festivals around the world.  Loginotto is an acclaimed, respected and highly admired documentary filmmaker who uses the camera to bring faraway places up close.  She merges into the world of those she portrays, almost to the point of disappearing. You find 

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