Original inspiration of Poe’s EMPIRE II – Warhol’s “Empire” playing Club Transmediale

     |    Sunday, der 31. January 2010

Watch the inspiration of Amos Poe’s Warhol homage EMPIRE II at Club Transmediale:

“Groupshow presents an 8-hour performance with Andy Warhol’s film ‘Empire’, a marathon event which dissolves into a hybrid of audiovisual installation and concert. Here, improvisation as a process-based art form meets a cinematic study of time unfolding. The single-shot recording of New York’s Empire State Building was filmed on the night of July 25th, 1964, from 20:06 pm to 2:42 am. Warhol slowed down the number of frames per minute, giving the film a length of 8 hours and 6 min. ‘Groupshow with Empire’ is part of the ‘Warhol Series’ commissioned by the Unsound 2008 festival, a series of works giving new musical settings to Warhol films.”

“Groupshow is a trio made up of Jan Jelinek, Hanno Leichtmann (aka Vulva String Quartet) and Andrew Pekler. From its beginnings as the live performance set-up of Jelinek’s Kosmischer Pitch album, Groupshow has evolved into a fully-fledged project with tours and an album, The Matyrdoom of Groupshow, (~scape, 2009), one track of which turned up in Magda’s late-2009 Fabric mix.”