Online Petition for Apartheid Reparations

     |    Monday, der 19. April 2010

Source: medico international

Daimler – Star of Apartheid


Daimler supported Apartheid in South Africa (although as seen in the film ENDGAME, other companies acted differently). The victims are now seeking justice. Sign our petition! We are demanding that Daimler acknowledge their past and pay fair compensation to the victims of Apartheid!

The Soccer World Cup in being held this year in South Africa. But the German team aren’t playing under a lucky star. The problem is not the Germany Football Association, but its main sponsor: Mercedes-Benz. Daimler’s star logo brings back bad memories for South Africans who risked their lives in the fight against racism and Apartheid.

As early as 1966 the UN declared the system of Apartheid to be “a crime against humanity”. Yet Daimler continued to sell motor vehicles and machines to the police and military of the Apartheid regime. These vehicles were used to combat political protest.

In April, 2009 a US District Court in New York admitted a class action suit that accuses Daimler and four other corporations of aiding and abetting grievous human rights violations during Apartheid. Daimler is accused of supplying at least 2,500 Unimogs (heavy-duty trucks) for use as rocket launchers and to transport troops. They also supplied diesel motors for tanks and helicopters that were used in the surveillance of demonstrations.

The South African Khulumani Support Group is demanding that Daimler acknowledge these infringements of injustice and to pay reparations. We are relying on the heightened public awareness of South Africa generated by the World Cup to increase the pressure on Daimler in Germany.

Support the victims of Apartheid and help them receive just reparations!

Sign our petition HERE! This fall we will submit the signatures and protest postcards to the Daimler AG chairman Dr. Dieter Zetsche.