Noam Chomsky receives Erich Fromm Award 2010

     |    Tuesday, der 19. January 2010

The International Erich Fromm Society recognizes with this award the lifework of Noam Chomsky, especially his – from public opinion uninfluenced – political convictions, which center on the right to life and dignity of all of mankind, especially perhaps the powerless. As did Erich Fromm, Chomsky boldly and deliberately speaks a language of reason that is capable of both impressing upon the conscience of opinion makers and the powerful, and importantly, of giving hope to the powerless as well as other critical thinkers.

The celebration will take place in the New Castle of Stuttgart, Germany on March 23, 2010, in celebration of Erich’s Fromm 110th birthday. The honorarium is to be donated to the Carol Chomsky Memorial Fund for Children War Victims. Chomsky himself will present the Fromm-Lecture entitled: “‘The evil scourge of terrorism’: Reality, Construction, Remedy”.

For more information about the prize, the celebration, prize winners, participants and about Erich Fromm and the International Erich-Fromm-Society please visit the International Erich Fromm website here.