New Section: Directors Recommend Their Favorite Films on

     |    Wednesday, der 6. July 2011


Some directors also like to follow their colleagues’ work on the platform. That inspired a new monthly blog column in which filmmakers offer their personal viewing recommendations on

Mario Mentrup, director of the films I DO ADORE, CITY OF LIGHT and THE EAGLE IS GONE is getting things going with these tips:

Lutz Dammbeck: Das Netz – The Net

Along the lines of the manifesto “The Coming Insurrection”, the “Unabomber” created a how to guide for technophobes of all political persuasions. While director Dammbeck isn’t always particularly subtle – most noticeable in the sound design – the film is worth the price of admission for interviewees like Heinz von Foerster. Those who previously painted everything black will see the light.

Marietta Kesting, Aljoscha Weskott: Sunny Land

A film shoot in South Africa. Sun City revisited at swimming pools and edutainment centers. An essay film that provocatively responds to the paintings of Edward Hopper and early Warhol films through its cementing of boredom as a state of being.

Craig Baldwin: Mock up on Mu

Ronald Lippok (musician who plays in the bands To Roccoco Rot & Tarwater) hit the nail on the headv when he said that John Whiteside Parsons was a real-life “Faust”.

Craig Baldwin’s found footage film barrage is interlaced with fictional sequences. It doggedly retraces the psychohistory of rocket scientist and inventor – not to mention Aleister Crowley successor – John Parsons aka Jack Parsons. An inferno of association, guaranteed to leave every door and question open!

Julia Ostertag: Saila – Punk Dystopia from Berlin

I cannot help it, i do not know this piece, but i believe it rocks!


Newsflash: Mentrup, who is also a known actor of stage and screen, is currently shooting a road movie. More information (in German) on Mentrup’s blog derweissehaiistgut.