Myths from the Depths of College Graduates

     |    Sunday, der 8. August 2010

What happens when a whole slew of recent art school graduates with little to no employment get together to make a film? Flames, theatrics, and inspiring uses of recycled materials, to name a few. An independent film being produced and shot in Connecticut, headed by Olivia Obin, Mooning Over Earth will explore themes of nature, myth, and interchangeability. The film is organized as four individual shorts that Miss Obin estimates will run anywhere from 5-10 minutes in length that can be seen individually or together as one whole. Separated thematically by the four elements: Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire each tells a story.

As a Graphic Design major Olivia Obin discovered film within only the last few months of her education at The School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. Together with two of her talented colleges, Natalie Mertz(Water) and Wesley Ryan Clapp(Fire) their mythical tales are told. They have organized a crew of about twenty recent fellow graduates to come together to use their talents in creating fantastical sets, costumes, puppets, and props out of scrap fabric, used junk, and even garbage to illustrate their stories.

The film series is being funded solely through individual donations, ranging from $1 – $1,000 on Depending on their contribution, a donor can receive prizes in return such as puppets from the set and limited edition illustrations. To read more about Mooning Over Earth and to donate to make this film possible go to: