Mining in Paradise? – Photos Of A Trip on the Taz ‘Bewegung’ Platform

     |    Wednesday, der 15. December 2010

… We didn’t just sit around in cafés or tour exciting cities like Dresden, covered as they were in late November snow slush!! No, no, we were too busy. And if you don’t believe it, then take a look at at the taz newspaper Bewegung (movement) platform. There’s not only a nice gallery of photos, there’s also a lot of news about the trip as well as background information. See especially the Aktionsblog (which runs in consultation with the coordinators from CATAPA) and the petition. The petition runs until Feb. 28, 2011). The taz ‘Bewegung’ platform is worth a look (with mapped out and coordinated dates, blogs, and activities), although some of it is archival material (back to April 2009). Also in this vein, and with considerably more registered activists, is the Green Action Kampagnenplattform from Greenpeace.