Maps of radiation levels worldwide

     |    Sunday, der 10. April 2011
Radioactive materials sign
Radioactive materials sign

 I have been wondering if there is a map available on the internet from an official organization displaying radiation levels around the world. I found a website that tries to display such map. This is no official place however and rather a network of individuals called “The Radiation Network” .

Participants can send the updated radiation levels that they have measured to this website. “The Radiation Network” seems to be very extended in the USA but not in other countries, so it only really makes sense to look at it if one wants to receive infos on this region. It is a bit difficult to understand their map, but this is a problem that I have encountered on nearly each website about this subject. Some maps like the below-mentionned German map are easier to understand than others.

I also found another website concerning North America that gives updates on radiation levels on food for this region.

Here is a website on radiation levels for Germany.

And one for France.

This site is very good as it gives written explanations about the findings of the map. This specific info is in French only. Some parts of the website are translated into English and Japanese. Please click here for more info.

According to the explanations available on this French website, so far, very low levels of particles related to the nuclear catastrophe in Japan have been detected in France. The levels found are as expected and not dangerous for the population even if they persist over time. A map of radiation levels in France is also available on this website.

Finally, here is a radiation level map in real time for Japan.

Film available on on the subject of nuclear energy: The Nuclear Comeback.


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