Jesus – Der Film by Michael Brynntrup – Digitally Remastered and On Screen

     |    Wednesday, der 17. December 2014


Michael Brynntrup’s epochal „Jesus – Der Film“ (Jesus – The Film), a religious epic in Super 8 format, screens tonight, 8:00 p.m., at the Arsenal Cinema, in a brand new digitally remastered print.

„Jesus – Der Film“ explores the stations of the cross in segments by a who’s who of the West and East Berlin underground film scenes, including  splatter maestro and film historian Jörg Buttgereit, multi-media-artist/musician collective Die Tödliche Doris, experimental cinema doyens Wilhelm and Birgit Hein, realeyz CEO Andreas Wildfang and Brynntrup himself.

A large selection of Brynntrup’s shorts, curated by the filmmaker himself, is available on realeyz. Check out VERA IKON to prepare for tonight or if you can’t make to the big event – the short is a companion to „Jesus – Der Film“ featuring excerpts from episodes by Brynntrup, Buttgereit, Konrad Kaufmann, Robert Paris und Andreas Hentschel, Sputnik-Kino/Michael Wehmeyer, Stiletto, Lisan Tibodo, VEB Brigade Zeitgewinn.