Inventing the 20th Century: Nikola Tesla

     |    Thursday, der 4. February 2010

At, you can find out ALL ABOUT TESLA in sound and image. To find out even more about this inventor and electrical engineer, read director Michael Krause’s new German language book: “Wie Nikola Tesla das 20. Jahrhundert erfand” (How Nikola Tesla Invented the 20th Century) recently published by the Wiley-VCH Verlag.

Tesla invented a lot of things and even more has been credited to him. He’s been the object of speculation and fascination and has inspired the imagination like few inventors before or since. He’s been called an “astral being from Venus” who had the knowledge needed to solve all of earth’s energy needs in eco-friendly ways.

Michael Krause keeps to the facts, which are exciting enough. He describes how Tesla emigrated from the Balkans, stopping in Paris, before heading to the US, where he fell victim to the whims of big industry. It wasn’t that Tesla was compliant and passive – he followed his own visions – but he was unable to execute and implement them using his own resources. This book reads like Tesla’s life: a detective story and thriller about science, money, power and the fall of a genius.