Innovative Youth Media Project Threatened With 30% Budget Cut

     |    Monday, der 1. March 2010

The Wuppertal Media Project distributes films made by young people who receive instruction and supervision by media experts. The existence of this internationally recognized model project, which allows youth to tell stories about the world they live in and promotes media competence, alternative content, and social dialog, is threatened.

Source: Medienprojekt Wuppertal


“Last Thursday, city austerity measures affecting youth services were announced by Dr. Stefan Kühn, head of Wuppertal’s Social Services department. The Wuppertal Media Project will sustain a cut of 20,000 EUR, or 30% of its municipal subsidies. This much more than the predicted 10% cut to be felt by youth services statewide.


Since its founding in 1992, the Wuppertal Media Project has advanced  to become the largest and most important facility for youth video projects in Germany. Every year about 130 films are made by approximately 1,000 young filmmakers from Wuppertal who have participated in the program. These films are seen by thousands of Wuppertal youth and the films reach hundreds of thousands of people across Germany thanks to successful DVD distribution for use in school programs.


Education and cultural incentives represent effective (also as prevention) opportunities for young people. In the case of the Media Project, less unfortunately means more.  Costs in youth services will rise as a result of these cuts. Savings made at the cost of our young have especially negative effects for society”.