INCLUSION – The Time Is NowINCLUSION – The Time Is NowINCLUSION – The Time Is NowINCLUSION – The Time Is Now

     |    Saturday, der 19. June 2010

Today, the 15th “Inclusion – Transforming Global Rights into Action” Conference ended in Berlin. The goal of Inclusion is to offer a forum for people with and without intellectual disabilities to exchange opinions, network and formulate strategies for the implementation of the recently ratified UN Human Rights Convention for People With Disabilities. For this groundbreaking convention to become common practice, much work needs to be and is being done: awareness building, policy formulation, monitoring of already implemented measures.

These are the basic tenets of the Convention:

* The right of disabled people to make decisions for themselves.

* The right to be included in the community.

* The right to inclusive education.

* The right of families to get the support they need.

* The right to live without poverty and discrimination.