In The Sign Of The Rabbit: Conspirators of Cycling

     |    Friday, der 4. March 2011

… Prague: We’ve seen it before: taxi drivers, reip offs, spying, horrible traffic and ever  Metro rider will forever have this ringing through their ears: “Ukončete, prosím, výstup a nástup, dveře se zavírají” (there’s even a  Facebook group about it ). But for years there has been active protest by cyclists about the lact of bike paths in the city: Auto*Mat. Auto Mat is always good for car blockade. Auto blockierende Aktion gut (the director of Cesky Sen,  Vít Klusak, also took part). These activities are also documented on film. And now, there’s the very first ‘green’ city map of Prague, and it’s interactive: Zelená mapa. It lists places to take a walk when your eyes need to see green, places for non-smokers, vegetarian dining, bike paths and much more. Available at this time in Czech only. Need some help reading Czech? Here’s a  -> a dictionary .