In Production: DIAMONDS – New Film by Bernd Gaul

     |    Wednesday, der 7. January 2015


Bernd Gaul (NICO – IN MEMORIAM, CONEY ISLAND) now divides his time between Lisbon and Berlin to prep his next directorial outing after two decades of working as a producer, consultant and distributor. DIAMONDS (working title) is a stylized thriller parody set amongst compulsive gamblers and jewel thieves in the Portuguese capital. Gaul chose Lisbon, „a real internatonal melting pot“, as a location because of the city’s real-life historical connections to the diamond trade and its beautiful, unique light. Inspired by films like Godard’s „Made in the U.S.A.“ Sejun Suzuki’s „Tokyo Drifter“ and Jean-Pierre Melville’s „Le samourai“, Gaul is developing a color scheme that is not „realistic but uses colors in a very selected way, just like a painter deliberately reducing his palette.“ Gaul will alternate images in bold colors (like the diamond necklace pictured above) with scenes in stark black and white (see below).


Confirmed cast members include German actor-director Timo Jacobs (whose directorial debut, the film biz satire KLAPPE COWBOY, is available on realeyz).


Timo Jacobs in DIAMONDS (still from teaser)

DIAMONDS is slated to shoot this summer in Lisbon and Berlin for release in 2016.

Natalie Gravenor