Howard Zinn Cartoon

     |    Saturday, der 27. March 2010

Empire or Humanity? What the Classroom Didn’t Teach Me About the American Empire is a short animated film based on the late Howard Zinn’s graphic novel People’s History of American Empire. In 2008, Zinn (with fellow historian Paul Buhle) distilled some of his key writings for presentation in the popular, low-threshold medium of comics to spread his ideas to audiences who might not fight their way through history tomes (even if they are written with the purpose of maximum understandability and minimum academic mumbo jumbo, as was Zinn’s  goal).(Howard Zinn  is featured in the films CLASS DISMISSED and AXIS OF EVIL: PERFORATED PRAETER NATURAM.)

The short film is based upon Zinn’s essay of the same name and narrated by none other than Viggo Mortensen, Academy Award nominated actor who starred in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Eastern Promises (the film that got him the Oscar nomination), Hidalgo and much more. (Mortensen’s rumored next project is the title role in a biopic about Sigmund Freud by Eastern Promises director David Cronenberg.) Mike Konopacki, who did the artwork for the graphic novel, provides the film’s visuals.

Watch the short film here: